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Conventions over their 1NT

by Di Brooks

There are several conventions that can be used over the opponent's 1NT opening. The most popular of these options are as follows-


10-15 points, one long suit or two suits.

2C shows both majors and at least 3 clubs
2D shows both majors and at least 3 diamonds
2H shows a long suit of hearts - 5 or more
2S shows a long suit of spades - 5 or more
2NT shows 5-5 in the minor suits.

Advancer's Reply
0-8 pick the best holding you have in one of the majors, even if it is a 3 card suit. When holding 5 cards in Clubs and no interest for the majors, PASS partner's 2C bid.
9-10 points and 4 cards in one of the majors, bid 3 of the major.
13 + points bid game - the best one possible knowing partner's holding.


Requirements- 10-15 one long suit or two suits.

2C = both minors
2D = both majors
2H = long hearts
2S = long spades.

Advancer's Response
0-8 if partner has shown both minors, pick the better holding in that minor.
When partner has shown both majors, pick the suit that has the better holding in the major suit.
9-10 with support raise in the minor or major whichever partner has shown.
13 points+ bid game, even consider 3NT if you hold the other suits from partner's options.


10-15 points
X = penalties
2C = one long suit, 5 or more, but not Clubs.
2D = both majors - minimum of 4-4
2H= Hearts and a Minor
2S =Spades and a Minor
2NT= Both Minors 5-5

Astro Pinpoint

10-15 points, minimum of 4-4 in the 2 suits....
X = one long suit somewhere...
2C = C and H
2D = D and H
2H = H and S
2S = S and a Minor
2NT = 5-5 in both minors

Advancer's Response-
If partner has doubled, you do have the opportunity to pass, converting the informative double to penalties.
Otherwise, pick the best suit in response to those suits shown by partner.
0-8 at the cheapest level
9-10 with good support, jump to the 3 level.
13+ Bid game

In each of these conventions, the one thing you need to take on board is the strength of the opener's 1NT. Also, this opening may contain a 5 card minor. It's not usual for the opener to hold a 5 card major.

Remember Di's favourite saying: Say Nowt, you get Nowt.

Happy bridging

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