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My Bridge Story

by Di Brooks

During my time as Promotions Officer for B.A.W.A I prepared a survey and sent it out to all the affiliated clubs. The questions were based on the players' history of playing bridge. The answers were varied and very interesting. Here's a brief overview of the input by those completing the questionnaire.....

In Their Youth

People starting bridge early in life were from a bridge playing family, where a child was seconded into playing when there were only three for bridge.

Teenagers at University learned the basics, whilst waiting around for their lectures.

Young men learned whilst serving in the Armed Services.

In Their Forties

Young Mums had no chance participating in community organisations, let alone learning and playing contract bridge, but once the children were in school, with time on their hands, the ladies looked for some pastime to keep the Old Grey Cells working.


Both men and women looked for something of interest that was less active than participating in the sports scene.

The Bottom Line

All participants wished they had started playing bridge at an earlier age!

Like all stories, we all have our own to tell. As a young Mum I had wanted to go to T.A.F.E with a friend to learn bridge (having been roped into the family game of Solo at Christmas, I had a good interest in card playing). Unfortunately, we were on a tight budget. Hubby suggested I learn something worthwhile; something that would benefit my family. I enrolled for the Upholstery class. The initial cost $8.00. But after attending the first lesson, we were all informed that we would need to make purchases of material, tools and a footstool... totalling $65. Hubby was horrified and I had to drop the class. Now here is the twist to the tale, Hubby felt I should be able to switch classes, something that wouldn't be very expensive, so he came along to the College to vet the choices. Would you believe it - the only vacancy available was for the Contract Bridge Class! And that, my friends, is the start of an adventure that has spanned over forty years.

I have enjoyed competitions in Canberra, Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne and more so in W.A. ranging in distance from Geraldton down to Esperance. I have met and befriended many lovely people from all walks of life. Has it been worth the journey? You Betcha Ya!

Happy bridging

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