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Partnering someone for the first time

by Di Brooks

When partnering someone for the first time, it is better to keep everything simple. If there is to be a future in this bridge union, try to make a time away from the bridge table to discuss strategies. It's not a good idea to go in cold and iron out problems between boards.

The use of a System card has great advantages for both players. Again, have a quiet time to talk about the system, so both players can write up the system cards for reference at any time. Each person can sit at home, with a cup of coffee and revise the agreement, so when the next bridge session is on, both players are fully aware of the system.

Don't stray from the system as this causes confusion and distrust between the partners. When one person tends to be passive in their approach to the bidding, it can cause the other player to be more aggressive... trying to overcompensate for the lack of constructive bidding from their partner.

Lastly, at the end of the session ask the Director for a Personal result.

With this and a hand record, both people can assess their bottom scores and try and discuss ways to improve.

And as a P.S., remember Partner is on your side!

Happy bridging

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