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The Beauty of Multi 2's

by Di Brooks

During the tea break at a recent bridge session I was asked what is the benefit of using Multi Two's instead of a plain old "Weak Two". I produced a Hand Record to trying to show my point.... The division of balanced hands versus a Weak One suited hand, against the hands that have below opening points but with two suits are as follows:-

Bal HandsHands with SingletonsHands with VoidWeak '2'Multi
5235 (3 had singletons)61

Well, that didn't work, but it did prove that there are more hands with extreme shapes than that of balanced hands. So I took a hand record from a different session and analysed those hands.....This was a tad more successful... but only but a miniscule!!!!

Bal HandsHands with SingletonsHands with VoidsWeak '2'Multi

Looks like I lost the battle in this regard. Looking at each of the sets of 32 boards, there is a HUGE swing for the unbalanced hands, most with singletons and then a few had voids, too. Eight hands out of 32 were balanced... maybe some semi-balanced, but at least Declarer has a rough idea of suit breaks... not so when the hands have singletons and voids.

Now you may ask... "What was the point of this exercise"? Well, for starters, you need to prepare yourself for bad breaks when playing a hand.

It is also a great idea to have a convention that deals with Weak Two's and Multi Two's. One such convention uses the following;-
2D opening to show a 6 card Heart or Spade suit, with 6-10 points, or 22-23 bal
2H = 5 hearts plus 5 of another suit
2S = 5 spades plus 5 of a Minor.
2NT = 5-5 both Minors
All of the weak options show 6-10 points.

Responder's Options
After 2D: bid 2H which is Pass or Correct. Opener will correct to 2S if weak and S.
Bid 3H, again , Pass or Correct. This is invitational to go to game in either major.
Bid 4H... Pass or Correct - if Spades is the long suit.
Over 2H: Pass with little, Raise to 3H or Bid 4H, depending on your support and points.
Not liking hearts, then bid spades, to see if this is Opener's second suit. If it isn't, Opener will bid their Minor suit.
With 13+ points, the 2NT response asks for the second suit or extra values.

Responding to 2S, with no liking for the Major, bid 3C, a Pass or Correct Bid, trying to find which Minor Opener holds.

When Opener has bid 2NT, showing both minors, responder uses the Losing Trick Count to assess the level at which they should play.

This is just a Basic Multi Two. There are other conventions which take a bit more study, but the decision is yours. (When adding a new tool to your system, ensure you both have a good handle on the workings).

East Dealer: 2H showing H plus another suit. West has no interest in finding the other suit as his hand is poor, plus he has 2 small trumps to help East make his contract.

There are also the Do's and Don'ts in any situation.
DO have your points in your suit/s.
Do take on board your losers, especially vulnerable.
Don't open a Weak Two in a Major whilst holding 4 cards in the other major.
Don't make a rebid, whilst weak if opponents overcall your opening.

And the last DO.......Have Fun.

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