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Bridge Idioms

by Di Brooks

Bridge Idioms: Yes, I did say Idiomsb... Not ending in TS! One of my favourite sayings is:" Better to be a Major General NOT a trumped up Minor. This applies to the contracts that we players need to seek first. Once the opening has been a Minor, 1C or 1D, we look for a Major fit, then a No Trump Contract, with the final option being the Minor suits. The reasons are as the following: a/ a major suit contract scores better than a minor suit contract. b/ A trump suit can play easier than No Trumps. C/ No Trumps will score better than any suit contract, but can be more difficult to play.

Another idiom: "If you say NOWT, you get NOWT. This applies to the more timid of us who don't open or overcall because the hand doesn't look too hot. It's advisable to count your points and add extra for the lengths in suits, but if you have an Ace less hand, you deduct one point. Ask yourself, when holding a bare minimum hand, "Do I have a Rebid?" If the answer is "No", then pass. But if you have a long suit and 11 plus points, you can bid your suit again, at the cheapest level. Then again, if you have two suits, you may have the opportunity to show the second suit.

And for my third saying: "Never preempt your partner". Saturday, in Mandurah, there was a lovely hand where the North/South had good points and a great fit in hearts. Of the six tables, one pair bid 7H and made, three pairs bid 4H, making 13 tricks. Another pair bid 6H, making 7H. So what went wrong with the bidding on 3 tables. Firstly, the N/S's were playing Standard. South opened the bidding with 1H. North, holding a 15 count and a great trump fit, closed out the bidding with 4H. South thought the reply showed a long trump fit and fewer points and passed. (The last pair had a misunderstanding and didn't get to the optimal contract). So my tip here, when holding great points plus a fit, make an interim bid at a lower level and wait to see Opener's reply. If Opener shows a minimum hand, responder goes to game. If Opener shows his 18 points, Responder can look for slam.

Happy bridging

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