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Lost on East

by Di Brooks

Many, many years ago, Rockingham Bridge Club was privileged to have Bridge Guru, Ron Klinger hold a series of lectures. One such lecture, the theme was on leads, especially when the non-declaring side had made a bid during the auction. The final contract; 3NT played by North. East on lead. His partner had overcalled spades and East had K3 in this suit. The ten tables in play were instructed on the bidding and East to lead the high card from the doubleton. At the completion of play, Ron asked for the results from every table. All but one said:" Down by one trick". An enquiry was made as to the lead and the answer came: S3. The table was asked to play the hand again but this time with the correct lead. After five minutes, the result was still the same. 3NT making, with the 3S lead. Obviously, the theme of the lesson was sadly lost on East.

Now in the 21st century, when Diane gives her version on this theme, she has a parrot sat on her shoulder. All in the class are familiar with this bird. he often spouts, "High card from the short side", "Low, I like" and "Better to be a Major General NOT a Trumped Up Minor". I'm proud to say my students can mimic my parrot!

(As I type this article, Tiki, the parakeet rumbles away, mainly saying, "Naughty Boy", obviously tweeting about those in the past who underlead their doubleton.

Happy Bridging,

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