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NigelDutton3 (47K)

President's Report

by Nigel Dutton

A most of you are no doubt aware the new Melville Bridge Club is up and running with a great new venue capable of hosting up to 60 tables. Congratulations to Melville Bridge Club and Melville Council for bringing to a successful conclusion to what has been a long and sometimes torturous process. Keep a close eye on our web site for news regarding BAWA future with CMBC.

The ABF has once again generously sponsored two WA Restricted pairs to travel to Melbourne to play in this year's Restricted Butler at the ANC. The subsidy includes return airfares, a per diem accommodation amount and entry to the event. The subsidy is capped at $2000.00 per pair. To support this great initiative BAWA is holding a Restricted Butler event to qualify these two lucky pairs. The event will be held at the Melville Bridge Club on the weekend May 25 & 26. Full details can be found on our web site. All restricted pairs are welcome to enter.

BAWA, as the Sponsoring Organization for ALL Red Point events in WA, sets the regulations for such events. Here are a couple of clear and inviolate rules. Firstly, there can be NO manipulation of hands either dealt manually or, as most clubs do now, by computer. There is no reason whatsoever for set of boards generated for an event to be inspected in any way. Secondly, there can be NO manipulation of the draw in a Swiss Events. There are a couple of methods for determining the draw for round one. Your red point director can explain them - and the convener, in consultation with the director, can decide on their preferred method. The draws for subsequent round are done by the computer program and must not be changed for any reason. Should either of these conditions of contest not be met then the event will have its Red Point status cancelled.

The thorny question of congress prize monies has been raised once again with BAWA. I reiterate that BAWA regulates the bridge aspects of congress and has no control over the finances of such events. I can assure you that, not only do we have no financial control over these events; we don't wish to have any such control. Having said that clubs have approached BAWA in the past requesting some guidance as to entry fees and prize monies. Our recommendation to clubs suggested 50-60% of entry fees, after costs, be returned as prizes. There are clubs particularly larger clubs with their own premises that return a substantially higher percentage of fees. Well done them. What BAWA strongly recommends is that clubs advertise the prize structure on their event flyer and publish, at the congress, a list of prizes. This transparency results in all participants being aware of the financial aspects of a congress and can leave little room for complaint.


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