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NigelDutton3 (47K)

President's Report

by Nigel Dutton

The ABF has tightened the eligibility conditions for players entering restricted events. The new policy states:

1. If a player wins a Gold Point Restricted event, they cannot subsequently enter the same event with the same masterpoint restriction again; and

2. If a player wins any two Gold Point Restricted events then they are no longer eligible to enter any such event with the same masterpoint restriction.

This change will apply to any ABF and ABF licensed event held from October 1, 2018.

BAWA intends to modify its regulations regarding restricted events to mirror the intent of the ABF changes. BAWA also reserves the right to promote experienced players, who may have newly arrived in Australia, to the level necessary to preclude eligibility to restricted events. This is in line with ABF policy. Such decisions will be made by the BAWA State Masterpoints Secretary in consultation with the Tournament Committee. All changes for WA will apply from January 1 2019.

It has come to my attention that occasionally players are not receiving confirmation emails when entering events on the BAWA site. After many frustrating phone calls I have discovered that our ISP and email service provider limits the number of emails that can be sent every hour. Congresses that fill within hours are the most problematic as every entry generates three emails. I have made enquiries regarding changing our ISP however, it seems they all have similar restrictions. It's all about restricting unsolicited spam. It's a work in progress. So if your confirmation email fails to arrive and you are sure that you entered the correct email address you can contact me for your code should you need to edit or withdraw.

Sadly after more than 40 years the West Australian has informed David and me that, in an effort to cut production cost, they would no longer be able to pay for the Bridge Column. We were informed that should we wish to continue on a voluntary basis they would, and I quote, "endeavor to find the space." Both David and I declined.

Congratulations to Allison Stralow and her team for a most successful Golden West Congress held late last month. Two hundred players enjoyed a great weekend in Mandurah. I would like to make special mention of the Mandurah Bridge Club who looked after all of our players admirably; kudos also to TBIB Insurance Brokers who, once again, supported BAWA by contributing a generous $1750.00 to the prize pool. TBIB can help players with any or all of their insurance needs; details are on the BAWA web site.

Starting in 2019, and for a trial period, Thursday evening state events will begin at 7.00pm. Furthermore, events will be structured, where ever possible, to have the evening finish around 10.30pm.


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