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NigelDutton3 (47K)

President's Report

by Nigel Dutton

Late last month it was my pleasure to attend the official opening of the new Willetton Bridge Club. I was joined by the member for Riverton, Dr Mike Nahan and the Mayor of Canning, Mr Paul Ng both of whom have been most supportive of the club during its inception. The club has already outgrown their original venue at the Herald Avenue Senior Citizens Centre and are currently playing twice a week at the Riverton Library. They also have plans to add an evening session soon. Noel Daniel has assured me he will have the club details to me ASAP and I will post them on our web site as soon as I have them. Visitors are most welcome.

Jane Reynolds has been our Western Senior Pairs and Super Vets convenor for quite some years. Jane's work commitments, particularly later in the year, have forced her, reluctantly, to relinquish the role of Super Vets convenor. If you are interested in making a contribution and taking on this role please contact either me or our Executive Officer Robina McConnell. Jane has a file with a complete A to Z detailing of the requirements of the position.

BAWA is seeking a person to assist with marketing our events, a role that Noelene Law did so successfully some years ago. It involves travelling to various clubs, perhaps playing in the session and should this arise we will cover table money, and advising club members about our upcoming events. We may also be able to assist with some travel costs. Once again please contact either me or Robina.

Unfortunately the State Mixed Teams was cancelled this year due to less than 10 tables being entered. It would be irresponsible of BAWA to run events at a loss and 10 tables was determined to be the minimum number required to prevent such a loss. If you wish to see Thursday evening state level bridge continue then you need to enter. The premier pair's event for the year, the State Open Pairs, is a three week event beginning May 17.

You still have time, provided you are eligible, to enter the first major Gold Point Event for the year The Western Senior Pairs. You are eligible if you were born before 1 January 1959. Heaps of Gold Points are available - entries in soon.


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