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President's Report

by Nigel Dutton

Congratulations to Allison Stralow and her team for the superb weekend in Mandurah for the Golden West Swiss Pairs. A record 51 tables at the recently expanded and enhanced Mandurah Bridge Club was a great result and a great way to finish yet another busy bridge year in WA. Actually there is one more event this year, the Commonwealth Nations Selection. At the time of writing this column there are two spots left so if you are planning to go to the Gold Coast Congress check out the BAWA web site and see if you can get a last minute entry in. Full details -

I understand there is some angst amongst players when they have a web based entry in an event that they wish to edit either due to a change in personnel or a TBA to be updated. Despite assurances that nobody can jump in and pinch their spot should they delete and re-enter players are still nervous. I often see a withdrawal 11:30 at night followed by an updated entry at 11:31pm Not taking any chances. So by early next year the web based entry facility will be improved to allow the editing of entries. I have been putting this off for some time due to time and work pressures but now it is announced publically I'll have to get to it. Naturally you will need to have entered you correct email address and saved your entry code.

It is an argument I have lost for some years now but I am of the view that the BAWA Handbook belongs in, if not the last century, at least the last decade and in this day and age is no longer worth the cost of printing. Publications such as this are, by their very nature, out of date the minute it is published whereas every effort is made to keep the web site, with exactly the same information, up to date. Providing clubs inform us of changes they will be reflected, on the web, as soon as possible. Anyway I think we will have a handbook for 2018; hopefully it will be the last one.

On a similar note: the draft 2018 calendar has been on our web site for some time now and time is running out for clubs to check their congress dates.

On behalf of the Bridge Association of WA I would like to take this opportunity to wish all WA bridge players and their families a very Merry Xmas and a happy and prosperous New Year.

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