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1Nigel (18K)

President's Report

by Nigel Dutton

The ABF has announced that to provide a safe environment for players and officials at ABF Gold Point events, 2022 Covid-19 Event Plans will include the requirement that all players and officials be fully vaccinated. For those ineligible to be vaccinated for medical reasons, a medical certificate confirming such ineligibility along with confirmation of a negative Covid19 test conducted within 3 days of commencement of the event will be required. BAWA will likely introduce a similar requirement for all Open Red Point Events in 2022. This includes ALL Open Red Point Club Congresses. It will be the responsibility of the Tournament Organiser / Convenor to ensure that these requirements are met. This will safeguard the continued Red Point Status and Sponsoring Organisation's (BAWA) approval of the event. MyABF has been asked to investigate the possibility of having eligibility recorded on their site. The requirements for club green point sessions and internal red point events will be determined by individual clubs.

I have received some positive comments regarding the New Partnership Pairs previewed in the previous Focus so a 2-week pair's event where the players have NEVER played together before has been scheduled for September 23. Now, never means, never, not even a club session; also, no practice before the event. This should be a fun event.

The rescheduled Restricted Swiss Pairs will begin on September 9. This 2-week event is for players with less than 300 MP as of June 1 2020. Do Dean emailed me and suggested that less than 500 point events should be considered as many players would fall into this category and would like to play in a less competitive environment; done. Running alongside the 300 RSP will be a 500 Restricted Swiss Pairs. Full details of all three events can be found on the BAWA website - entry will be via MyABF.

Sadly but not surprisingly both the 2021 Perth ANC and GNOT Finals in Brisbane have been cancelled. There is planning underway to attempt to run both the Interstate Teams and the GNOT Teams as online events.

Unless WA is similarly locked down

The Joan Prince Memorial Swan River Swiss Pairs 2021 will still run, but the venue will need to be changed. All entrants will be advised by email.


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