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President's Report

by Nigel Dutton

As you will no doubt read elsewhere in this edition of Focus our Women's Team at the Hobart ANC beat NSW in a closely fought final. Congratulations to Viv Wood, Jane Reynolds, Suzie Futaesaku, Wendy Driscoll, Leone Fuller, Marnie Leybourne and their NPC Allison Stralow.

The Hobart ANC was held at the Tattersalls Park Function Centre in Glenorchy, a north-western suburb of Hobart. The venue, being a race course, had a full glass wall overlooking the picturesque Elwick Bay. It was also spacious and warm; Hobart was freezing. There was a generous area set aside for score up. I and BAWA congratulate the Tasmanian Bridge Association on a well-run event. An afternoon off gave MF and I a chance to drive to the top of Mt Wellington to see what was reported to be the best view in Tasmania. Unfortunately before we reached the top the weather deteriorated to such an extent that not only the view disappeared but we were caught in the middle of a snow storm. It was fun until MF suggested I get of the car and get covered in snow so she could take a picture.

LBB is a firm taskmaster and this column has to be in her hands by the 20th of each month. So as I write this, on the 21st I am looking forward to the Swan River Swiss this coming weekend. I am sure I will be reporting in the next edition is success.

I am pleased to see the healthy state of entries for the HGR Women's Swiss, the HGR Restricted Swiss. Not so healthy is the new BAWA event for 2018 the Restricted Swiss Pairs which will be held in conjunction with the Open Teams. They both begin September 6 but unfortunately, will not run with less than 10 tables.

It is becoming increasingly clear that players are not keen to enter night time events, particularly during the winter months. BAWA will continue to monitor the situation and naturally would be delighted to receive ideas or suggestions.


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