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NigelDutton3 (47K)

President's Report

by Nigel Dutton

August to November are certainly busy months for WA bridge players with 104 pairs entering the Swan River Open Swiss Pairs in August and 82 pairs entering the HGR Women's and Restricted Swiss last month. The Golden West in November is currently full with a record 106 pairs entered. Congratulations to Lynne Milne and her team for a great HGR weekend and well done to the winners of the Women's Swiss Pairs and the Restricted Swiss Pairs. Well done to David Sloan, partnered by Gary Frampton, who won playing in his last restricted event. David had 299.43 points on the entry cut-off date for a restricted event. That was close. A full summary of results can be found on the BAWA web site. November also hosts the Gold Point Super Vets Congress; entries to date are disappointing and unless they substantially improve the event will be cancelled. That would be a shame.

The web based entry facility that BAWA offers for all of its affiliate club congress, and occasionally other open red point events, receives almost four thousand entries and withdrawals per annum. Whenever you use this facility you will receive, within a few seconds, an email confirmation of your entry along with a randomly generated code which you will need to withdraw from the event. If you do not receive an immediate confirmation then you have entered your email address incorrectly - so please take care. It is also very important that you retain the confirmation email which contains your entry code. Failure to do simply makes a lot of unnecessary work for our directors - so please keep your entry code safe.

There seems to be in various forums and discussions a good deal of angst regarding web based TBA entries to congresses and other events. I fail to see why there should be as we have never had a TBA not turn up to an event. As you are no doubt aware, should that happen, the player entering the TBA is responsible for not only their own but also the entry fee of the unknown partner or team mates. Nevertheless, I have been asked to mention that it is polite and politic to update your entry as soon as possible. Even if the event is full you can safely withdraw and re-enter provided you do so immediately. If the event is closed as opposed to full you will need to contact the director.

For those of you with an interest the 2018 BAWA calendar has been posted on our website. Clubs particularly should check and let me know if there are any problems or issues that need addressing.

Immediately prior to the 2018 Gold Coast Congress there will be an international team event entitled the Commonwealth Nations Bridge Competition. A number of international teams have already entered along with an ABF team and a team from each state in Australia. BAWA will sponsor the entry fee of $1,320 for the team (4 persons) to this event in Queensland. The selection event - entry fee yet to be announced - will take place at the West Australian Bridge Club on the weekend of December 9 & 10. A final timetable will be available closer to the date when the number of teams is known. Full details can be found on the BAWA web site.


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