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1Nigel (18K)

President's Report

by Nigel Dutton

The decision was taken this morning (June 29) by the ABF in conjunction with BAWA to postpone both The Joan Prince Memorial Swan River Swiss Pairs and the ANC 2021 until the 6 - 18 November 2021. All entries will be automatically transferred to the new dates.

If you unable or no longer wish to play in the Swan River then:

1. Players are asked to withdraw their entries - that automatically puts bridge credits back into their accounts.
2. Players can keep the credits and use them for entries to other events via MyABF.
3. If players want a credit card refund, then they lodge a request via the Contact MyABF Support link which notifies MyABF by email. The refund is handled by ABF HQ in conjunction with the MyABF Administrator.

If players wishing to withdraw have paid by bank transfer to BAWA those refunds need to be handled by BAWA and a request needs to be placed with the Tournament Organiser (me).

Similar arrangements are in place for events forming part of the ANC.

Keep your fingers crossed that the virus is under control by November and the majority of the country is vaccinated. Perhaps 2022 should require a vaccine certificate for all Open Red / Gold Point events.

Again the vexed issue of night-time (evening) bridge is causing much angst amongst your volunteer administrators who feel obliged to continue to offer evening events particularly for working people with young families. I note that daytime and weekend events are often fully subscribed weeks before they start. It would be irresponsible for BAWA to run evening events at a loss. For the players entered in the events it is no doubt disappointing to see the events cancelled.

I also note that several Australian jurisdictions have no evening bridge and only a few evening sessions are available at our affiliate clubs. Most if not all of the major national Gold Point events such as the Summer Festival and the Gold Coast Congress have few is any evening sessions. As this issue has been ongoing for many years I don't believe the MyABF entry scheme has any effect; 110 pairs have entered the Swan River and a total of 110 pairs have entered the upcoming Melville Congress; both events via MyABF.

As always, your suggestions and ideas are welcome. It would be disappointing to have to cancel evening bridge.


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