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NigelDutton3 (47K)

President's Report

by Nigel Dutton

I understand that new things and new ways of doing things can cause some issues. Do you remember when we introduced bidding boxes? Do you want to go back to written bidding? Do you remember the pain and upset when we introduced Electronic Table Scorers (Bridgemates)? Do you want to go back to paper travellers? Obviously, the answer is no to both questions. In a few months' time, MyABF will be in the same comfortable position as bidding boxes and Bridgemates.

As I type this the MyABF team are working to improve the congress entry interface. This comment from one of the principal architects of the project, Julian Foster, "We are working on a revamp of the Congress listing page so that it will be easier to see and find events: it will also include the ability to filter the listing (e.g., by state, event type, etc).

Until this happens I will ensure that every BAWA event will have a direct link to its MyABF entry page which will be on the main page of the BAWA website under Enter an event via MyABF. These direct links will take you directly to the entry page for the event unless a) you are not logged in or b) you are not yet registered. You can do either of these from the page displayed and then you will be taken to the entry page itself.

Note: if your computer is, like mine, never turned off (unless Synergy decides), then you never need to log out of MyABF, simply stay logged in permanently. This makes using the site much easier.

Every BAWA event will always have the facility to pay by Bank Transfer so if you are reluctant to enter your credit card details on-line, as I am, then make sure you select from the Payment Method drop-down list the payment choice you prefer. Should an event only permit entry by Bridge Credits and you are not happy then contact the convenor and suggest that you may not participate if credit card entry is the only option.

For the record, I am very happy to continue to have clubs use the BAWA site for their congress entries. This will continue for as long as it's required. Flyers should continue to be posted on the BAWA site regardless of the entry facility used.

What a great few months of bridge we have coming up. When you read this you will still have time to enter the Gold Point Western Seniors for players born before January 1 1960. Take advantage of the early bird discount and enter before May 8.

The Joan Prince Memorial Swan River Swiss Pairs will begin a great fortnight of bridge at the Perth Convention Centre. The early bird discount brings the entry fee down to what was advertised for 2020 and $5 more expensive than 2019. Entries are filling up fast. You enter via MyABF or the link on the BAWA page, Bank Transfer is available however, the event will be cashless.

A full two-week congress program for the ANC is on the BAWA website, start planning your playing dates.


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