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NigelDutton3 (47K)

President's Report

by Nigel Dutton

By the time you read this Melville will have moved into their very impressive new club rooms. With space for up 60 tables, excellent facilities for the directors along with bar and kitchens it is a great win for Melville and all BAWA affiliated clubs. Check out the BAWA web site for details of their Open Red Point Day on March 10 and their first major congress on March 16 & 17.

The first Swan River Open was held in 2003 and for its entire 16 year history Hilary Yovich has been, not only, the Tournament Organizer but its mother. Sadly, Hilary has announced that 2019 will be her last Swan River and as a consequence BAWA is looking for a new Tournament Organizer. It has been suggested that the catering aspect of our main Gold Point events is a major disincentive to prospective applicants; if this indeed case BAWA is more than willing to consider splitting the tasks. Please contact me if you have any interest in discussing taking on this role.

March and April are certainly busy months with nine club congresses scheduled all of which have healthy entry lists. Then, in May, we have our first Gold Point Licensed event the Western Seniors. The flyer and entry facility will be up and running by the time of publication. Jane Reynolds, the Tournament Organizer, is waiting for some final finance figures but tells me the venue is likely to be at Melville -Entries in soon.

We continue to have some difficulties with email responses to entries and edits. Unfortunately, the issue is beyond my control. Our ISP (Westnet) limits the number of emails that an account can send each day; this is the case with all email providers. Each entry / edit / withdrawal generates three separate emails and with nine congresses in March and April we can quickly reach our daily limit. It is not possible, even with paying an extra fee, to increase this limit. There is also an added problem with Bigpond blocking emails from Westnet assuming they are spam. Apparently this happens on a regular basis; so if you have a Bigpond address and you don't receive confirmation emails from complaining to Bigpond may, stress may, have some effect. Anyway checking the entry lists on the web page and seeing your entry or edit is enough for you to relax. If you don't receive and entry code and you need to make a change email me and I'll send you the code.

I played at the Joondalup Congress last weekend and what an excellent event it was. Despite thinking it would take me hours to get there it took around 30 mins which is less time than to get to WABC from Willetton. Joondalup is only three years old but already has just over 300 members; their venue is terrific and the congress was well run. The Congress Flyer was a little misleading when it stated "Players will need to bring their own lunch." There was enough food to feed a small country town along with a group of ladies insisting everything had to be eaten. However, the aspect that really caught my attention was the generous and extensive prize list. There was a first, second and third in the Open Category; first and second in a Novice Category and a Super Novice Category and finally a prize for the pair with less than 50 masterpoints and a prize for the best Joondalup pair. Well done Joondalup.


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