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NigelDutton3 (47K)

President's Report

by Nigel Dutton

I wanted to draw your attention to three events which BAWA is very keen to promote and ensure each is great success. Firstly, Sunday November 4 - The Super Vets Congress. A gold point event for players over 75; John Aquino, the convenor, applied to BAWA and the ABF to have the age limit reduced to 75 - both agreed. So John is hoping for a big turnout this year. Full details, including John's contact information, can be found on the BAWA web site. I know of a number of clubs that are organising transport for their Super Vets down to WABC in Swanbourne; it would be great if all clubs made an effort to help make the day a success. Contact John if you need help or advice.

Secondly, The Grand Master - Restricted Pairs; two Thursdays November 1 and November 8. If you have less than 300 masterpoints as of July 1 2018 and would like to partner a Grand Master (1000+ masterpoints) for the two weeks then this event is for you. The first three years of this event were enjoyed by all players. The flyer on the BAWA web site has a link to the ABF Masterpoints Centre which has a list of all of the Grand Masters in WA. Check out who you could ask - check the BAWA web page entry list to see they are not already playing and ask. There are 108 of them so you are bound to find somebody. Alternatively if you are a Grand Master and have seen an up and coming player at your club see if they would be keen to play.

Finally the Masters in Teams of 3; I don't need to do a lot of promotion for this event as it is currently full. There is however, a number of TBA on the list and it would be great if these could be edited ASAP. This a great fun day where a team of 3 players each with less than 300 masterpoints as of July 1 2018 will be randomly allocated a Master player who will play twice with each of the team members on the day - Sunday November 11. If you were a master who played last year I will be contacting you soon.

Times change and organisations that don't recognise this will suffer; e.g. Kodak and Nokia. BAWA recognises the reluctance, for whatever reason, of players to play at night, particularly during the winter months. We have in the last few years cancelled Monday evenings completely and a significant number of Thursday events. Not too many years ago the Open Teams was the premier event on the calendar; in 2018 10 teams entered only just preventing its cancellation. Clearly this cannot continue - maybe it's time to finish with night bridge altogether. Consequently, the BAWA Tournament Committee is undertaking a root and branch review of the calendar and would welcome ANY ideas or suggestions from anybody. Please email the TC Secretary John Beddow ( with your ideas.


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