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BAWA Grand Master Restricted (24)

GrandMasterRestricted (22K)

1st Bridget Cooke and Rachel Shave
2nd Chris Ingham and Carla Sullivan
3rd Deana Wilson and Debbie Chappell
4th Bruce Fraser and Sue Thomas
5th Wendy Driscoll and Shelley Allen
6th Doreen Jones and Sarita Singh

BAWA Open Teams Final (10)

OpenTeams (30K)

Winners Ron Cooper, Viv Wood, Rhys Cooper, Jan Kochmanski and Karol Miller

Runners Up Paul Brayshaw, Chris Mulley, Simon Brayshaw and Tim Munro

BAWA Masters in Teams of 3

Tournament Organiser BAWA President Nigel Dutton

20 Masters played on the day and their expertise and commitment to this yearly event is much appreciated - Thank you

Nigel Dutton, David Matthews, Jan Blight, Wendy Driscoll, Marie-France Merven, Cynthia Belonogoff, John Beddow, Doreen Jones, Viv Wood, Marnie Leybourne, Stella Steer, David Schokman, David Burn, Deana Wilson, Nick Cantatore, Elizabeth McNeill, Ann Ohlsen, Bridget Cooke, Tad Bieganski and Lynne Milne.

1st David Burn - Jennifer Sharpe, Gary Wood and Roslyn Varkevisser
2nd Nigel Dutton - Sue Thomas, Margaret Baird and Deirdre Doepel
3rd Deana Wilson - Phil Jacobsen, Jill Curnow and Elizabeth Black
4th Stella Steer -Sylvia Bray, Kerry Barns and Ziggy Morawiec
5th Tad Bieganski - Kate Nadebaum, Shelley Allen and Susan Evans

70% Results (Random search)

Bunbury BC
70.6 Colleen Long and Colleen Skipsey
74.4 Dorothy Cain and Mira Erskine
Melville BC
72.7 Erica Harrison and Ken Harrison
71.3 Lise Banks and Bhavna Patel
70.2 Nilesh Patel and Bhavna Patel
Rockingham BC
72.6 Di Brooks and Florence Maltby
71.4 Clyde England and Kimberley Zhao
Undercroft BC
72.2 Judy Havas and Luba Klein
71.8 Tad Bieganski and David Cowell
70.8 Satish Bedekar and Brian Kakye
West Coast
70.8 Max Havercroft and Brian Kaye
Mandurah BC
71.2 Clyde England and Kimberley Zhao
74.0 Di Brooks and Florence Maltby
Kalamunda BC
74.1 Joe Louis and Joseph Gaudet
72.2 Evonne Sarich and Frank Memeo
Swan Districts BC
72.4 Pamela Forsyth and Shirley Weaver
South Perth BC
74.7 Trevor Fuller and Nick Cantatore
72.3 Hugh Probert and Susan Szabo
71.1 Valerie Isle and Elizabeth McNeill
Joondalup BC
72.2 Ann Burr and Trevor Burr
70.5 Trevor Burr and Ann Burr
Maylands BC
72.0 Jill Keshavjee and Leon Randolph
71.3 Alison Brogan and Corinne Monteath

Teams of 4



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