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Recent Gold Coast Results

Open Pairs Final A (28)

2ndRoss Harper and Michael Rosenberg
14thViv Wood and Kim Morrison
16thRenee Cooper and Kieran Dyke

Open Pairs Final B (28)

9thUrsula Harper and Debbie Rosenberg

Open Pairs Final E (28)

6thJessica Chew and Noriko Sakashita

Intermediate Pairs A (14)

3rdHelen Arendts and Ros Warnock
6thMimi Packer and Virginia Seward
7thJackie Williams and Darrell Williams

Intermediate Pairs E (14)

2ndHelen Cook and Jane Henderson

Weekend Match point Swiss Pairs (176)

11thFiske Warren and Kaiping Chen
42ndMaura Rhodes and Rick Rhodes
61stNoelene Law and Julia Hoffman
73rdBruce Fraser and Graham Rusher
148thPeter Holloway and Peter Gill
150thPhil Power and Kathy Power

0-500 (60)

19thArianna Yusof and Audrey Stokes
26thGwyneria Brahma and Vicki Taylor

Monday OPEN Butler Swiss Pairs (128)

7thPhil Power and Kathy Power
51stNoelene Law and Julia Hoffman
64thPeter Holloway and Peter Gill
72ndBruce McGuire and Tirza Cohen
102thBruce Fraser and Graham Rusher

Restricted 0-500 (84)

6thGwyneria Brahma and Vicki Taylor
28thArianna Yusof and Audrey Stokes

Teams of 4



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