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Swan River Swiss Open Pairs (110)

Tournament Organiser Hilary Yovich

sr1 (415K)

Directing Team Matthew McManus and Bill Kemp - Centre - Assistant - Director Brian Wade

sr2 (350K)

1st Peter Gill and Nabil Edgtton

sr3 (348K)

2nd David Matthews and Nick Cantatore with Tournament Organiser Hilary Yovich

sr4 (398K)

3rd Vicki Lisle and Ian Lisle

sr5 (404K)

4th Tad Bieganski and Andrew Swider

5th Shane Harrison and Andrew Peake
6th Rose Moore and Jonathan Free
7th Alfred Dupont and Sheelagh Dupont
8th John Beddow and Egmont Melton
9th George Kozakos and George Smolanko
10th Karol Miller and Jan Kochmanski
11th Geoff Yeo and Ravi Soin
12th Stella Steer and James Steer
13th Val Biltoft and Phil Tearne
14th Jane Reynolds and Peter Reynolds
15th Ron Cooper and Joachim Haffer
16th Jessica Chew and Alan Harrop
17th Dave Munro and Pim Birss
18th Martin Cleeve and Carol Cleeve
19th Mark Doust and Sue Gammon
20th Richard Grenside and Sue Grenside
21st Gwyneira Brahma and Peter Gill
21st Joan Prince and Pauline Collett
23rd Andrew Richman and Sandra Richman
24th Shizue Futaesaku and Wendy Driscoll
25th Trevor Fuller and Don Allen
26th Helen Arendts and Barbara Frost
27th Cynthia Belonogoff and David Schokman
28th Jane Moulden and Robyn Howe
29th Alan Dundas and Rez Karim
30th Christine Jenkins and Jenny Skinner

70% Results (Random search)

70.4 Charlie Lim and Lily Lim
72.9 Do Dean and Jenny Bowler
70.6 Andrew Edwards and David Woodliffe
75.5 Ravi Soin and Audrey Stokes
72.7 Faye Cullen and Jocelyn Parry
70.3 Barbara Hewson-Bower and Vicki Bakker
71.7 Jean Williams and Rosemary Rear
71.1 Linda Elzas and Shirley Lavarack
73.8 Brenda Evans and Marion Jefferson
70.8 Ian Bailey and Dave Parham
70.4 John Clarke and Merwyn Menezes
70. Jeanne Hey and Salim Songerwala
77.1 Anne de Souza and Vince Menezes
72.5 Bernard Smith and Leo Ernste
72.9 Jill Dawson and Raewyn Lewer
70. David Clark and Nicky O'Connell
73.3 Tad Bieganski and David Cowell
72. Raine Woodhead and jean Muller
70.2 Tad Bieganski and Jairo Giraldo
West Coast
76.3 Iris Dick and Annette Newton
70.4 Maria Ehmke and Hari Shah
South Perth
76.7 Martin Cleeve and Robert Prince 71.8 Susan Collinson and Jonathan Free
71.2 Kathy Power and Clyde England
71.4 Alan Dundas and Eugene Wichems
Northern Districts
70.8 Jenny Liggins and Alan Green
73.1 Clive Webber and Doreen McPherson
77.7 Ann Burr and Trevor Burr

Teams of 4



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