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BAWA Mixed Pairs (21)

1stMarie-France Merven and Nigel Dutton
2ndJonathan Free and Virginia Seward
3rdSimon Brayshaw and Francesca McGrath
4thVal Biltoft and David Matthews
5thViv Wood and Gerry Day

HGR Memorial Women's Pairs (40)

1stLeone Fuller and Marnie Leybourne
2ndDoreen Jones and Catherine Hood
3rdLauren Shiels and Allison Stralow
4thWendy Driscoll and Shizue Futaesaku
5thJan Blight and Joan Touyz
6thMimi Packer and Virginia Seward
7thJo Sklarz and Pauline Hammond
8thViv Wood and Pele Rankin
9thDeana Wilson and Cynthia Belonogoff
10thDeb Frankel and Dadie Greenfeld
11thElizabeth Bennett and Peach Partis
12thDonna Crossan- Peacock and Liz Sylvester
13thRobina McConnell and Kathy Power
14thPenny Styles and Suzanne Atwell
15thMary Johnston and Liz Toft

HGR Memorial Restricted Pairs (42)

1stDave Sloan and Gary Frampton
2ndMeredith Goodlet and Jennifer Andrews
3rdStephen Thyer and Joanne Payne
4thKate Pinniger and Carla Sullivan
5thMei Huang and Sue Shadbolt
6thBhavna Patel and Nilesh Patel
7thDebbie James and Mike Mahon
8thMark Doust and Stephen Pynt
9thPhil Jacobsen and Julie Short
10thSusan Evans and Barbara Riddle
11thJohn Reid and Bruce Penhey
12thArianna Yusof and Julie O'Donoghue
13thDo Dean and Jenny Bowler
=14thDavid Wheaton and Christine Bacon
=14thHeather Fergie and Bob Fergie

Teams of 4



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