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Interstate Open Selection Butler Final

1st : Val Biltoft - Phil Tearne - James Steer - Stella Steer

2nd : Chris Ingham - Gerry Daly - Jane Reynolds - Viv Wood

70% Results (Random search)

71.3 Carol Daniel and Noel Daniel
70.8 Noel Daniel and Carol Daniel
73.8 Vijay Ahooja and Coleen Oehme
West Coast
71.8 Marleen Medhat and Ray Wood
72.6 Kim Morrison and Viv Wood
77.4 Janice Mitchell and David Arnold
76.5 Ray Wood and Marleen Medhat
70.7 Neville Norman and Jean Mansey
70.2 Florence Maltby and Di Brooks
70.8 Clyde England and Roman Gdowski
72. Jean Field and Clyde England
72.5 Michael Turner and Jean Field
70.6 Robert Wylie and Merleine Wylie
72.8 Ramesh Bhanot and Richard Harris
72.6 Sam Zurub and Maureen Bellett
West Australian
71.3 Marilyn Van Heemst and Jeanette Thompson
72.8 Dave Parham and Frans Fikke
71.99 Jerry Linsten and Colleen Linsten
80.5 Cynthia Belonogoff and Vinod Nasta
75.8 John Aquino and John McMullan
72.2 Helene Kolozs and Melanie Sheffield
72.6 Janet Williams and Moira Braddock

Teams of 4



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