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ANC Restricted Final (23)

1st Geza Sulykos and Rez Karim
2nd Clyde England and Kimberley Zhao
3rd Peter Hicks and Ian Rowlands
4th Joe Louis and Nicolas Moniodis
5th Joanne Payne and Stephen Thyer
6th Hieu Vu van and Dominique Rallier
7th Kali Crosbie and Simone Pettorino
8th Lorraine Vanyai and Fiona Han
9th Christine Bacon and Bruce Penhey
10th Alf Surace and Ross Blakey

BAWA Open Pairs (22)

1st Karol Miller and Kaiping Chen
2nd Wendy Driscoll and Shizue Futaesaku
3rd Paul Brayshaw and Chris Mulley
4th Anton Pol and Andrew Swider
5th Eugene Wichems and Alan Dundas
6th Joan Prince and Pauline Collett

BAWA Swiss Teams (12)

1st Leone Fuller, Trevor Fuller, Nick Cantatore and Marnie Leybourne
2nd Andrew Swider, Anton Pol, Stella Steer and James Steer
3rd Karol Miller Val Biltoft, Phil Tearne and Jan Kochmanski

70% Results (Random search)

Nedlands BC
70.2 Charlie Lim and Lily Lim
Melville BC
72.9 Terri Antrobus and Georgia Jamieson
71.2 Sheila Cooksey and Nicky O'Connell
Rockingham BC
70.8 David Clark and Nicky O'Connell
Undercroft BC
75. Nerilyn Mack and Robin Rose
73.8 Andrew Swider and Tad Bieganski
Mandurah BC
71.6 June Mulholland and Frances Darnborough
71.3 Kathy Power and Clyde England
71.3 Jocelyn Curnow and Barbara Riddle
Fremantle BC
71.9 Sam Zurub and Maureen Bellett
Busselton BC
70.7 Robyn Howe and Fred Clarke
West Coast BC
74.4 Jay Medhat and Harold McKnight
Maylands BC
71.9 Norma Pears and Anne de Souza

2018 Victor Champion Cup Festival of Bridge

Wally Scott Open Swiss Pairs
Tony Nunn - James Coutts
McCance Seniors' Swiss Pairs
George Kozakos - Arjuna De Livera
Sara Tishler Women's Swiss Pairs
Elizabeth Havas - Di Smart
Victor Muntz Restricted Swiss Pairs
Alastair Lowe - Susie Groves
Frank Power Trophy <200 MP Swiss Pairs
Steve Colling - Mary Colling
Teams Victor Champion Cup
Shane Harrison - Stephen Williams - Matt Smith - Jamie Thompson
Charlie Snashall Restricted Teams
Andrew Slutzkin - Fraser Thorpe - Lanny Chan - Ann Mckay

Teams of 4



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