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Geraldton Congress 2018

From Heather Cupitt

The Congress was held over a weekend of brilliant sunshine

G1 (451K)

The Friday night Welcome Pairs was won by Mary Johnston and Joan Barnett

2nd Laurie Money and Lyndall Steed

3rd Heather Cupitt and Wayne Cupitt

G2 (489K)

1st John Negus and Kathleen Negus won the Saturday Pairs

2nd Eugene Wichems and Robina McConnell

3rd Paul Sheriff and Geza Sulykos

G3 (456K)

The Teams event was held over Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. The team of Mary Johnston, Joan Barnett, Laurie Money and Lyndall Steed was runaway winners by 14 VP.

2nd Maureen Knight, Chris Knight, Piri Kacso and Arianna Yusof

3rd Wilma Coloper, Nola Anderson, Jennifer Simpson and Diane Smith

G4 (462K)

The best Geraldton players were Bronwen Peet and Jeanette Elliott.

A very tasty BBQ lunch sent the visitors away happy.

A big thank you to Peter Holloway who had to change the movements as some players were unable to attend at the last minute.

We will do it all again next year.

The Cupitt's once a year free caravan park has plenty of room, so make a plan to come north to the sunshine next June.


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