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Hans G Rosendorff Weekend


HGR Women's (32 Pairs)

The fields for the HGR Women's and TBIB Restricted Swiss Pairs were smaller than last year with a number withdrawing at the last moment due to ill health. There were four interstate players in the Women's: Julia Hoffman, Ann Paton, Paula McLeish and Sandra Richman. Both the Women's and the Restricted Prizes and Medallions were presented by our very own recently elected ABF President Allison Stralow.

The event went so smoothly that Bill Kemp, the Chief Tournament Director, said it was one of the smoothest events he had Directed for many years - no major problems and a room full of 'very nice people'. Tournament Organiser - Lynne Milne

Directing Team - Bill Kemp and Neville Walker.

w1 (328K)

1st Noelene Law and Julia Hoffman with Tournament Organiser Lynne Milne and ABF President Allison Stralow

w2 (345K)

2nd Pauline Collett and Joan Prince

w3 (331K)

3rd Ann Paton and Viv Wood

w4 (330K)

4th Leone Fuller and Marnie Leybourne

5th Deb Frankel and Dadie Greenfeld
6th Linda Coli and Jane Reynolds
7th Lauren Shiels and Allison Stralow
8th Rose Moore and Renee Cooper
9th Jane Henderson and Jo Sklarz
10th Alida Clark and Paula McLeish

HGR Restricted Swiss Pairs (36 Pairs)

Tournament Organiser - Lynne Milne

Directing Team - Bill Kemp and Neville Walker

r1 (384K)

1st Kate Nadebaum and Marion Bogue with Tournament Organiser Lynne Milne

r2 (403K)

2nd Catherine Gabites and Joanne Payne

r3 (425K)

3rd Tom Peacock and Donna Crossan - Peacock

r4 (401K)

4th Kimberley Zhao and Clyde England

r5 (390K)

5th Robert Steer and John Ewing

r6 (357K)

6th Fiona Han and Laurie Money - Best Mixed pair

7th Debbie James and Mike Mahon
8th Belinda Taranto and Mark Doust
9th Ian Rowlands and Peter Hicks - Best Men's Pair
10th Ted North and Bob Fergie
Best Women's Pair - Do Dean and Jenny Bowler


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