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BAWA/ABF Golden West (102 Pairs)


GW1 (324K)

1st Fiske Warren and Kaiping Chen

GW2 (305K)

2nd Jonathan Free and Helen Cook

GW3 (291K)

3rd Trevor Fuller and Don Allen

GW4 (278K)

4th Tim Munro and Chris Mulley

GW5 (324K)

5th Dave Parham and Ian Bailey

6th Jessica Chew and Rez Karim - Best Country Pair

GW6 (325K)

6th Stella Steer and James Steer - Best Mixed Pair

8th Valerie Broome and Martin Broome - Best Restricted Pair

9th Lynne Milne and David Burn

GW7 (330K)

10th John Beddow and Egmont Melton - Best Men's Pair

11th Viv Wood and Gerry Daly

12th Chris Ingham and David Matthews

13th Salim Songerwala and Noriko Sakashita

14th Sue Grenside and Richard Grenside

GW8 (326K)

15th Jenny Skinner and Christine Jenkins - Best Senior Pair

16th Alison Mettam and Mike Trafalski

GW9 (266K)

17th Cynthia Belonogoff and Deana Wilson - Best Women's Pair

18th Marie-France Merven and Nigel Dutton

GW10 (267K)

19th Anton Pol and Andrew Swider - Best Veteran Pair

20th Rachel Shave and Bridget Cooke

18 (779K)


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