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Mandurah Summer Congress

From Ian Jones;

MHC1 (214K)

Eighty-four pairs competed in the Swiss Pairs with 7 matches of 8 boards per round. The winners were Clyde England and Roman Gdowski, pictured with Mandurah President Jim McNamara (centre).

2nd David Schokman and David Matthews

3rd Doug Hardman and Vera Hardman

4th Ian Bailey and Dave Parham

MHC2 (218K)

5th Tom Burton and Ted North

MHC3 (229K)

6th Deana Wilson and Cynthia Belonogoff

MHC4 (230K)

7th Di Brooks and Florence Maltby

MHC5 (222K)

The Best Mandurah Pair below State Master were Colleen Webb and Peter Knight

MHC6 (211K)

The Best Pair below 300 MPs were Collen Long and Colleen Skipsey

Sunday Teams

Forty teams competed on the second day, again with 7 matches and 8 boards per match.

MHC7 (213K)

The winners were Viv Wood, Ron Cooper, Gerry Daly and Trevor Fuller

MHC8 (215K)

2nd Tad Bieganski, Beata Bieganski, Egmont Melton and John Beddow

MHC9 (210K)

3rd Third placed were Stella James Steer (Andrew Swider and Anton Pol)

MHC10 (218K)

In 4th place were Simon Brayshaw, Deana Wilson, Tim Munro and Cynthia Belonogoff

MHC11 (227K)

The Best Country Team were Rosalind Trend, Kay Thompson, Alison Mettam and Ken Else

MHC12 (222K)

The Best Mandurah team below 300 MPs comprised Sandra Hardie, Colleen Webb, Roger Lowe and Peter Knight

MHC13 (225K)

The Best Mandurah Under State Master team were Warwick and Isobel Jones, and Penny and Russell Thomas

Neville Walker and Brian Wade did an excellent job of directing the event


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