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Rulings (3)

From John Beddow

South Deals
Both Vul
10 9 4 2
J 10 8 3
J 7 6 4
A J 7 6
A 7 5
A 10 8 3 2
Q J 10 4 2
5 3
Q 9 6 4 2
A 9 8 7 6 5
K Q 8
K Q 9
DblPass2 2 

As you can see, declarer should lose three trumps and three Aces for one down -200. What happened was: 3S led won by the K. Remembering East's Diamond bid, Declarer played the JD hoping that East had the Ace and would duck. East played small and Declarer put in his singleton King. West played a Red Ace and immediately tabled the AC. Unfortunately, it was the AH! So we have an established revoke and the AC is a penalty card.

South then played the AS and West was forced to play his AC.

  • So West lost the AH because he played it on the KD.
  • He lost the AD because he allowed the singleton KD to win the trick.
  • He lost the AC because he was forced to discard it on the AS, and he lost a further trick because of the revoke.

So this one revoke cost East-West their three Aces and a penalty trick resulting in South making 2S X plus 3.

Taken from 'Tournament Bridge by Jerome S Machlin


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