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Mandurah Congres

from Ian Jones

m1 (347K)

The Winter Congress held in July was won by Ron Cooper and Jonathan Free, winning all their matches

m2 (347K)

2nd Kathy Power and Phil Power

m3 (347K)

3rd Viv Wood and Gerry Daly

m4 (347K)

4th Terri Garbutt and Viv Zotti

m15 (347K)

5th Vinod Nasta and Cynthia Belonogoff

m6 (347K)

Alan Dundas and Trish Anderson won the Best Mandurah Pair

m7 (347K)

Brian Wade and Colleen Skipsey won Best Country Pair

m8 (347K)

Best Under 300 Masterpoint winners were Peter Knight and Chris Bacon


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