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Nowhere to Hide

by A. Nomaly

We were looking forward to a weekend of bridge and catching up with friends from our country region. The GNOT is one of the few occasions where people from Albany, Bunbury, Busselton, Kojonup, Kendenup, Bridgetown, Kalgoorlie, Esperance, Geraldton and Avon Valley have a chance to meet and compete without the City's Big Guns. Alas not every town was presented this year, colds and flu's claiming some victims.

We did not start the tournament well and got beaten up in our first 2 sessions by our opponents with some crafty play on their part and some poor play by us. Then the third round arrived and we're EW, playing a strong pair sitting NS. The match seems to be at a point where one good score will decide the match.

Both side vulnerable and I pick up:

♠ K 10 8 5 3 ♥ 10 7 6 5 4 ♦ 9 5 2 ♣ void

Only three points but no Clubs, we play a convention (Ghestem) which deals with 2 suited overcalls, it is done on very weak or strong hands. My right-hand opponent bids 1D, and I want to make a nuisance of my self and bid those two majors. As the Church group next door bursts into song I put down a 2D bid, utterly convinced it means both majors (thinking that playing in a subsequent 2HX or 2SX cannot hurt that much). My partner springs to life with an alert! And my left-hand opponent enquires, and partner explains I have the extremes being C and S.

Oops I messed up, in this variation of the system only 1C then 2D shows the majors, I should've bid 3C.

Partner bids 3C the better fitting suit, my right-hand opponent passes.

I will be in trouble later, but sitting in the cone of silence and pretending I did not hear partner's explanation, so assume the 3C bid is a response to my 2 major suits overcall.

In our system we have agreed that if partner bids her/his own suit, it means this is a 6-7 card suit without support for any of my two suits, so with a weak hand I need to pass.

My left-hand opponent doubles and everyone passes. Right-hand leads I put down dummy and look sheepishly at partner "you're kidding me aren't you" she hissed - I knew for sure I was in trouble.

When the play was over partner had managed to get two tricks for -2000, I managed to lose our third match, but my integrity is still intact (probably the only thing).

Board 13
North Deals
Both Vul
A K Q J 7 6
Q 10 9 4 2
A J 9 8 3
10 8 4 3
A 5 3
K 10 8 5 3
10 7 6 5 4
9 5 2
A Q 9 7 6 4 2
K J 8 7 6


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