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Denham Bridge Club

From Robina McConnell

Eugene and I recently followed the sun to holiday in Shark Bay at Monkey Mia with a keen group of bridge playing friends from Mandurah. We had heard that there is a regular session of bridge in Denham and Penny Thomas managed to track down the very wonderful Coralie who keenly agreed to let us play in their Friday session.

With only a limited number of players (seven in total) Coralie tells us they hold two regular sessions per week with usually the one table. They have managed to get a grant that allowed them to buy a dealing machine and boards so they are a very organised group of bridge players.

Coralie went on to explain that the numbers were low for the week we were there owing to the fact they had just played host to a large group of players from the Geraldton Bridge Club. They use the Golf Club at Denham and play a Pairs Competition.

We had a great afternoon at the club which uses a room in the Denham Town Hall and enjoyed a great game of bridge followed by afternoon tea and a good chat with Coralie who graciously agreed to play with me for the afternoon.

DBC (267K)

The rest of the group including Russel and Penny Thomas, Bill and Jenny Maley and the winners for the afternoon Warwick and Isobel Jones appreciated getting our bridge fix whilst on holidays. A big thanks to the Denham Bridge Club and Coralie.


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