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The Romance of Bridge

From Kathy Power

(Article appeared in the ABF mag July 2017)

I think it is sad that there is so little written or even spoken about the extraordinary romance that is present in bridge. I feel that when two people discover this in their partnership the true wonders of this game open up.

Presence is the keyword here, because with gentle presence at the table comes flow. So much wanders into view when flow is present; so many presents, so to speak. When a partnership experiences this gorgeous feeling of flow, it is usually referred to as being "in the Zone".

Sometimes it's fleeting, and sometimes quite prolonged. Indeed, it can last for an entire session. When one emerges from such a session, in my experience anyway, there is an amazing feeling of love for my partner. It somehow makes all my growth, setbacks, and horrendous days worthwhile.

I don't think we can try to get flow; it's not about effort! However, I am sure we can apply ourselves better in particular ways. For instance, quit bickering over the hand just played at the table. Move on to the next hand smoothly. Discuss the hands later if necessary; that's what the hand records are for.

After a while of applying these principles you will find yourself dropping into that place where you will find the love affair for which you have always yearned.

Mary Lynch (Trumps BC)


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