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Country Championships

From Jo Dundas

The Country Championships took place over the weekend of April 10th & 11th in Bridgetown. Players attended from Kalgoorlie, Mandurah, Kendenup, Albany, Bunbury, Denmark and Bridgetown. As usual, the event saw a happy combination of keenly contested bridge punctuated with social get together and an opportunity for players to catch up from various clubs. The event was ably directed by Jon Free. Winners of the pairs' final were Allison Mettam and Mike Trafalski from Albany, 2nd Florence Maltby and Alan Dundas and Trish Anderson and Gerald Merven 3rd.

The teams' event was won by the team of Corrie Davis, Denise Sampson, Kimberley Zhao, Alan Cransberg from Mandurah. 2nd Vera Hardman, Doug Hardman, Kathy Power and Phil Power. 3rd Heather Fergie, Bob Fergie, Ted North and Adrienne North. As well, the director provided much laughter in his descriptions of the two most interesting or different bids/contracts over the weekend played by Pam Minchin (Denmark) and Warwick Jones (Mandurah). The event provides a great opportunity for country players to get together in a very pleasant atmosphere and remains a favourite event for many of us.

cc1 (233K)

Winners Pairs Final and Matchpoint Pairs East/West: Mike Trafalski and Allison Mettam

cc2 (215K)

1stTeams: Kimberley Zhao, Alan Cransberg, Denise Sampson and Corrie Davis

cc3 (215K)

Winners: Matchpoint Pairs: Florence Maltby and Alan Dundas with Convener Jo Dundas

cc4 (215K)

Winners Plate: Vera Hardman and Doug Hardman

cc5 (215K)

Best Restricted Team: Pam Goodman, John Elliott, Claire James, Connie Daly with Director Jon Free

cc6 (215K)

Best Restricted Pair: Claire James and John Elliott

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Long table dinner Saturday night


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