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Broome Bridge Club

from Maura Rhodes

Rick and I went to Broome recently with one of our daughters, Caroline and her husband, Paul and two children, Matthew aged four and his sister, Amy. We had a wonderful time with perfect weather and celebrated little Amy's third birthday when we were up there.

While we were there, we decided to have a game at the Broome Bridge Club. A weekly game takes place every Tuesday afternoon at 1pm at the Seventh Day Adventist Church Hall from mid-June to the end of August. Our friend, Pat Leavy very kindly picked us up from our apartment and drove us there and back after the game. It was a really fun afternoon with nine tables, almost all of whom were comprised of caravanners from around Australia. It was really interesting to talk to all the grey nomads and hear their stories. We spoke to one lucky couple from NSW who had been travelling for months and had no plans to go home in the foreseeable future.

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I assumed we would have to shuffle and deal, but I was wrong. The boards were all dealt and the whole session was very efficiently organised. The usual director, Ros Warnock wasn't able to be there that day, so Kaye Thompson and Ken Else, who had recently arrived from Albany, kindly agreed to do it. The Club is administered by Mike and Pam Wadsworth who have done an excellent job for about thirty years. Sadly, they have done their time and this will be their last season administering this wonderful club. Ros Warnock is happy to continue as the director, but someone is needed to organise the club in the dry season next year. I do hope someone is able to step up and fill this vacancy. Mike and Pam will be a hard act to follow, but there must be someone who is willing and able to take on their role.

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If any of you are going to Broome for a holiday, I think you would enjoy an afternoon at the Bridge club. We certainly did! Pam and Mike appreciate prior notice from people planning to attend. Pam can be contacted on 0412 019 775 and Mike on 0439 921 045.


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