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SuperVets 2019

From John Aquino

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The SuperVets is an ABF/ BAWA Gold Point event run in Perth each year. The bridge governing bodies wish to use the tournament to celebrate the extraordinary contribution that older bridge players have made to the game we love. The tournament is restricted to bridge players over the age of 75.

This SuperVets was held at the WA Bridge Club on Sunday 10 November and coincided with WA Seniors Week. This was the eighth year in which this unique event has been run and 112 players entered to compete for the SuperVets Trophy.

The field boasted many Grand Masters and players who had reached Gold and Silver Life Master Status.

Many have been playing for over 25 years and their bridge skills are formidable.

It was truly awe inspiring to see a room full of veteran bridge players, horns locked in silent competition, cards held close to their chests, all vying for recognition of their bridge playing prowess.

The tournament was run as a Swiss Pairs event with six, seven board matches. The 2019 SuperVets was won by Jan Blight and Joan Touyz. This is the second time Jan Blight will have her name engraved on the perpetual trophy. She was a winner in 2018.

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Winners -Joan Touyz and Jan Blight with ABF President Allison Stralow and Tournament Organiser John Aquino

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Runners up - Merle Wylie.and Rob Wylie

A special certificate was presented to the only centenarian who entered - and finished the tournament in the top 25% of the field. A remarkable result!

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Maggie Sacks receiving her special certificate of achievement from ABF President Allison Stralow and Tournament Organiser John Aquino.

Bridge is recognised as a sport by the International Olympic Committee. It is a game that engenders the following attributes and values common with other competitive sports - technique, competitive attitude, strategy, fair play, discipline, stamina, quick reflexes, rapport with your partner, and concentration.

Contract bridge is an excellent gymnastic of the mind for men and women of all ages. Medical research in the United States has concluded that playing the game significantly lowers the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease and is even said to boost the immune system.

After a very successful 2019 tournament, planning for the 2020 event is already underway. The event will be held on Sunday 8 November 2020 during WA Seniors Week. If you are eligible consider entering this blue-ribbon tournament and you will be assured of being part of a very special bridge event on the WA bridge calendar.


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