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Active Ethics and Sportsmanship

From Gerry Daly

We all run into situations where opponents may be less than perfect in their table behaviour and probably leave us to grumble loudly in the aftermath. However there are also situations where opponents set an excellent example of how the game should be played. I thought it would be worthwhile to mention one which I have seen and benefited from recently.

West Deals
Both Vul
J 10 8 5
A 10 3 2
10 7 4 3
K 9 4
K Q J 6 5
Q 4 2
K 8
A 7
9 4
K 10 9 6
A J 9 6 5
Q 6 3 2
8 7
A 8 7 5 3
Q 2

Partner and I were defending a 3NT contract at Imps scoring. Declarer had already acquired 6 tricks from the majors and diamonds. 3 club tricks were required to make the contract. The defenders had 4 tricks in hand and only needed one more to defeat the contract. Declarer, West, held K8, North 10xxx, dummy AJ9xx leaving the droppable Qx with South. Declarer played K and then took the losing finesse. On cashing the vulnerable Q South gladly claimed one down conceding the remainder of the tricks. North was still holding 10x of clubs and with these cards in dummy -


- could see they were due another trick had South exited a diamond to the King and said as much. Declarer shrugged his shoulders, after all South had conceded.

North / South were on the verge of placing their cards back in the holders and accepting the score when Jonathan Free who was dummy spoke up asking South if he only had diamonds in his hand at that point. When this was confirmed Jonathan said "ok, 2 down". Of course if the defender on lead held a card other than diamonds his concession would stand. Full marks here for active ethics in drawing the defenders' attention to their rights at the cost of 3 imps that were relevant given the state of play in the event.


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