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Kendenup Swiss Pairs

From Heather Fergie

Our club held another congress on the 8th of May. Nominations for the 15 tables filled up quite quickly as I am sure that the news about the great days held in Kendenup is spreading. We used to hold two events each year; a restricted congress and an open Swiss Pairs day. As our club is too small to do this any longer (and unrelated to the fact that Bob and I are no longer a restricted pair!), our open Swiss pairs day has prizes in many categories which gives all players the opportunity to be in the prize giving.

Once again the food and general hospitality was a highlight as was the competent, quiet directing of Brian Wade. Extra people had made the journey with caravans and they appeared to be enjoying each other's company. There is camping available at the site of our club in a lovely bush setting and with good bathroom facilities as well. Get in early next year to enjoy this event as I know some people missed out as it was full. We may be able to extend the number of tables next year by a few but anyone who has run a Swiss Pairs day will appreciate that it needs a lot of boards to be dealt. We are grateful to the Denmark club for dealing four sets of boards for us as well as to Brian who dealt another 8 sets on various dealing machines. Small clubs like ours could not run these events without the help of other clubs with these things and we are very thankful for the support we receive.

The winners on the day are listed here as are some photos from the prize giving session.

Hope to see more of you at this event next year.

k1 (179K)

1st Murray Webber and Kate Boston

k2 (179K)

2nd Robina McConnell and Eugene Wichems

k3 (179K)

3rd Mike Trafalski and Alison Mettam

k5 (179K)

Over 600 points: 1st Anne Lowe and Pam Minchin

k6 (179K)

2nd Rosemary Enright and Rosemary Rear

300 - 600 points: 1st Heather and Bob Fergie

k7 (179K)

2nd Connie Daly and Thanga Prathalingam

k8 (179K)

Less than 100 points: 1st Penny Thomas and Russel Thomas

k9 (179K)

2nd Beverly Petterson and David Petterson

k10 (179K)

100 - 300 points: 1st Sharon Shneider and Tom Burton

k11 (179K)

2nd Don Cole and Annette DePledge


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