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From John Beddow

#1 In the USA in the 1960's a Director (Karl) came up to a fellow Director and told him that he just had a ruling where someone had definitely revoked, but he couldn't tell who had revoked. Karl said that a Defender was on lead and played a red Queen. Declarer trumped, the other Defender overtrumped, led another card and Declarer claimed the balance.

The cards were returned to the board and the Declarer, thinking over the result turned to his LHO and asked, "Didn't you have any more Hearts when you over ruffed me?" LHO replied "Of course I had Hearts." Declarer said "You revoked. Your partner led the QH." "You're crazy," said the defender, my partner led the QD. By the way, did you have any D's left?" "Yes." said Declarer. "Then you revoked," said LHO.

Karl was called to the table. He determined that the man on lead held both the QD and QH. The Defender stated that he played one of his Red Queens, but couldn't remember which, nor could anyone else at the table, including Dummy.

Karl's ruling: There's a two-trick penalty for the revoke, so he split the difference and penalized each side one trick. The opposition gets credit for two tricks, so he split the difference and awarded one trick to both sides.

When both sides objected to the ruling, Karl said, "I can't find a law to cater for four Dummies at the table."

#2 Karl was called to a table for an insufficient bid, not accepted. After explaining the options, the guilty party elected to make a pre-emptive bid of 3S barring his partner from bidding.

Karl then left the table only to be called back and told that over 3S the next player bid 3D and her partner bid 3H. After been given these new facts Karl said that the 3D bid was insufficient. The 3H bidder said, "of course it is insufficient, but the next hand is barred from bidding therefore I condoned it.

This resulted on Karl amending his future rulings to exclude the word 'barred' and replacing it with: "Partner must pass at each turn to bid.

#3 The Director was called and advised that Declarer had led a club, LHO followed suit, a spade was discarded by Dummy and RHO discarded a spade. "No clubs?" asked his partner, and RHO produced a club. The Director explained that the spade was now a penalty card and left. He was called back a minute later. Declarer had played another club, LHO following, spade discard from Dummy and the AS from RHO. "No clubs?" asked his partner, and RHO showed up with another Club. The Director explained that he now had two penalty cards and Declarer can tell you which one to play, and by the way I think I'd better hang around to protect Declarer when you run out of Clubs. "Oh, said RHO, I have plenty of Clubs, but I'm running out of Spades."

#4 At a sectional tournament teams match three teams didn't show up until thirty minutes after the start. The Director penalized each team 5 VPs for tardiness (this is America) -Those penalized included:

  • The President of the ACBL
  • Two members of the National Board of Directors
  • The President of the South Carolina Unit
  • The Tournament Chairman
  • The Guest of Honour
  • and the entire Appeals Committee

At a party later on, the Director remarked to a member of the National Board, who had been penalized, "I doubt that any Director has penalized as many VIPs in one swoop." "Perhaps not," said Margaret, "but have you checked among the ex-directors?"

Taken from 'Tournament Bridge by Jerome S Machlin


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