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Len Summers Memorial Trophy

From Robina McConnell

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Western Seniors 3rd Peter Reynolds and Peter Smith

Whilst cleaning out the large storage cupboard recently I came across a battered and tarnished piece of silver and on cleaning the back saw it had been presented only the once in 1983 to the very talented Men's Team of Eddy Mandavy, Avon Wilsmore, Peter Reynolds and Peter Smith.

Len was a successful player in the West during the 70s and early 80s, he features in both State representation and in 1980 was awarded the British Airways Trophy for Most Masterpoints. He partnered Nigel Rosedorff until his sudden passing.

The opportunity arose on the weekend when two of the recipients paired off to play in the Western Seniors, for us to repair this piece of history (many thanks to Mandurah player Russel Thomas) and give it a good clean. Peter Reynolds and Peter Smith were happy to receive this award and after some 38 years still enjoy and have success with our great sport of bridge.


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