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nr1 (91K)

Patrick O'Connor's first two books on declarer play were award winners and now he tackles the hardest aspect of card play: defence.

After carefully explaining some basic concepts, the reader is taken thought 40 problems with an 'over the shoulder' technique and explaining every play as it is made.

It is normal for beginners to have more trouble with defence than any other part of the game, and this book will go a long way towards removing their unease.

(Patrick's previous two books A First Book of Bridge Problems and a Second book of Bridge Problems were awarded the prestigious American Teacher's Association Book f the Year Award)

nr2 (122K)

Rewards for good slam bidding can be high but so too are the penalties for failure.

To begin with, Bill Treble introduces some useful agreements and conventions. After that, he looks at how to decide if you should try for slam, and how to investigate slam with cue bidding. Some advanced techniques, competitive auctions and a final quiz make up the remainder of the book.

nr3 (40K)

This sequel extends the ideas from Planning the Play of a Bridge Hand to more complex situations, and discusses topics such as safety plays, avoidance play, trump control, dummy reversal, and endplays.

This book will appeal to players who have a good grasp of the basics of declarer play, and are looking to improve from there.


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