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Super Vets Winners

From John Aquino

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Noelene Law and David Schokman (3rd time winner of this event) - Winners of the 2021 SuperVets Swiss Pairs with ABF President Allison Stralow - officiating - and Tournament Organiser John Aquino

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Lorraine Rea and Barbara Hendrie Runners up. With 392 MP between them they excelled in a field that boasted at a least 15 Grand Masters!

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Rob Wylie - Best performer in the 80-90 age bracket

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Jay Medhat - Best Performer in the 90+ age bracket

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Rhona Barton who has played in all 10 of the SuperVets Tournaments

Roll of Honour

2012 - Joan Carter and Bobbie Mitchell
2013 - Larry Szalay and Melanie Szalay
2014 - Charlie Lim and Lily Lim
2015 - Diane Tilvern and Win Nordstrand
2016 - David Schokman and Pauline Hammond
2017 - Tuck Meng chin and Wendy Driscoll
2018 - Wendy Driscoll and Jan Blight
2019 - Jan Blight and Joan Touyz
2020 - David Schokman and Geoff Yeo
2021 - David Schokman and Noelene Law



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