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Teams of Four 2021

From John Beddow - Convener

The Teams of Four Competition was again run in 2021.

The number of teams taking part this year was considerably down from 2019 (it wasn't run in 2020)

This of course was very much expected given the COVID situation. Nevertheless 19 teams eventually took part: 5 x Open; 8 x Intermediate and 6 x Novice.

A total of 107.10 Red MPs were awarded: 22.26 Open, 44.52 Intermediate and 40.32 Novice.

Hopefully we will have a more 'normal' lifestyle in 2022 and numbers will increase again.

I know some of the smaller clubs think that their members are not interested in team matches, but for those players who wish to improve their rankings in the ABF Masterpoint scheme, team matches along with Swiss Prs, are the best competition to accrue Red Points. For example, you need to be in the top 50% to get MPs in a pair's event, but you can come absolutely bottom in a team's event and still get your Red MPs. This is because each member of the team gets 0.56 Red MPs in the Open, and 0.42 Red MPs in the Novice and Intermediate Divisions for every win they achieve. So, to all the clubs that have never taken part in this competition, or used to, but don't now, consider giving your members a chance to earn Red Points in 2022. And don't forget, apart from a small administration cost, all monies collected go back to the clubs as prize money.

Since I took over the Teams of Four in 1999, numbers have been as follows:

All Divisions:

2000 - 11 teams
2001* - 15 teams
2002 - 18 teams
2003 - 17 teams
2004 - 17 teams
2005 - 18 teams
2006 - 26 teams
2007 - 23 teams
2008 - 24 teams
2009# - 28 teams
2010 - 31 teams
2011 - 31 teams
2012 - 30 teams
2013 - 34 teams
2014 - 27 teams
2015 - 23 teams
2016 - 26 teams
2017 - 31 teams
2018 - 25 teams
2021 - 19 teams

* Restricted Division added.
# Intermediate Division added.

A total of 46 players took part this year that have never played in the T of 4 before: 5 in the Open, 10 in the Intermediate and 31 in the novice. These figures do not include members who played but did not win any MPs.

The winning clubs for 2021 were:


1st - WABC
2nd - Nedlands
3rd - SPBC


1st - WABC A
2nd - WABC B
3rd - SPBC


1st - WABC
2nd - SPBC
3rd - Nedlands

Players winning the most Master Points in the 2018 competition were:

Mark Doust with 2.52 Red Points, and Martin Broome, Val Broome, and Doreen Jones with 2.24 Red Points.



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