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Noosa Bridge Week

From Ian Hammond

The annual Noosa Bridge week run by Paul Marston was held from October 14-21. The majority of the 160 participants were from the Eastern States.

Noosa1 (322K)

There was a strong contingent from WA including six from Nedlands Bridge Club and others from WABC, Joondalup, Mandurah, Busselton and Avon Valley, as shown on the steps of the Noosa-Tewantin Bowling Club, the venue for the event. Jenny Reid from Avon Valley BC, had an excellent week partnered with the experienced Don Mather from Wellington NZ, and they made 'the cut' for both finals putting up a strong performance.

Ian Hammond, Frances Hammond, President Mary Jane Whitehead, Anrico Balzarelli, Helga Volz and Marjan Zadnik from NBC enjoyed 6 days of tuition in the fine art of competitive bidding at the part score and game level and learnt the mantra "never bid 5 over 5." A session on control bids rounded off the tuition with a torrent of slam attempts the next day.

Daily tuition was followed by 22 boards of duplicate bridge. The NBC crew did not make it into any of the 'finals' but had a good time despite the torrential rain affecting the area for most of the week. Fortunately the Bowling club had a never-ending supply of food and beverages that helped to ease the pain!

Noosa2 (332K)

The NBC 'team' are seen here enjoying a final night out at the Noosa marina. A good week of bridge in excellent company.


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