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BAWA Recorders

Message for Club Recorders

Following several requests, BAWA Recorders David Matthews and Marnie Leybourne are planning a session for current and aspiring club recorders early in 2019. There is very little guidance on the role of a recorder and they consider it may be useful for those involved in recording duties to get together and learn from shared experiences.

The Editor asks that anyone that is interested in participating in this session to please send their email contact details to either:, or by text to 0477002259.

VALE Derek Pocock 1931-2018

DerekPocock (90K)

BAWA Office Bearer
1978-1979 Vice President
1980-1981 President
1982 Vice President

1994 Men's Pairs
1983 Summer Pairs
2011 Masters in Teams of Three
1999 Club Championship Pairs

BAWA League Teams - Roll of Honour 2004 -"This Award is given in recognition of 30 years of unstinting service to the Bridge community of WA. Your creation of the Leagues Competition which you have supported since its inception in 1975, and which you have run for nearly 30 years of service and as an office bearer for BAWA has been an outstanding achievement and has contributed significantly to fostering Bridge in WA" - This was the citation on the BAWA Recognition of Outstanding Service Award presented to Derek Pocock in 2004. The award honours a very fine gentleman who has done, and continues to do much to foster bridge in WA".

december 2018

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Linda Bedford-Brown (L)
(08) 9386 1349

Beata Bieganski (R)
Production and Web Editor
(08) 9300 5460

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