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ABF Gold Point Events - Covid Update

Mandatory vaccinations for 2022 Gold Point events. In order to provide a safe environment for players and officials at ABF Gold Point events, 2022 Covid19 Event Plans will include the requirement that all players and officials to be fully vaccinated. For those ineligible to be vaccinated for medical reasons, a medical certificate confirming such ineligibility along with confirmation of a negative Covid test conducted within 3 days of commencement of the event will be required. MyABF will work on a tick box for players entering an event to confirm they have a vaccination certificates or a medical certificate and a Negative test confirmation.

Saturday Bridge West Australian Newspaper

Ed NoteThe Bridge Column is back in the West Australian Saturday Weekend 2

BAWA President Nigel Dutton is writing a weekly column - it doesn't matter what level your game is this will be informative, educational and instructive - and at times tongue in cheek!

ABF Daily Bridge Column

Courtesy of Ron Klinger

Bridge Author of nearly 70 books, Columnist for the Sydney Morning Herald (six days a week) and The Sun-Herald for 17 years, Australian Emerald Grand Master, WBF International Master, competed in 24 World Championships and Asia Pacific Zonal Championships and Commonwealth Nations Teams.

September 20th is the deadline for inclusion in the October Focus.

september 2021

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