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Ann Hopfmueller and David Cowell (Undercroft Bridge Club) Australia wide Winners of the 2017 Bridge for Brain Research Challenge with a score of 73.791%

2017 ABDA Seminar

Australian Bridge Directors Association

Please be advised that the ABDA will be holding their 2017 workshop/seminar in Sydney from Saturday 5th August (9:30am) to Sunday 6th August (finishing around 3:30pm).

Venue is North Shore Bridge Club, at Club Willoughby 26 Crabbes Avenue, Willoughby NSW 2068.

  • Major highlight will be new "2017 Laws of Duplicate Bridge" to be applied from 1st August
    • There is a new word "comparable" bid, what does it mean?
  • Handling common director calls
  • Common misconceptions
  • Unauthorized Information, misbids and misinformation
  • Unintended calls
  • Insufficient bids

Cost is $55 for 2 days or $30 for one day (includes lunch). If you are a member of the ABDA and live out-of-town, you may be eligible for a travel subsidy.

Brochure and entry forms will be available from the Hon, Secretary/Treasurer Matt Raj Mal. Please contact him for further details on email

2017 Australian National Bridge Congress (ANC) Update

The ANC in Canberra will be held in eight weeks - update:

  • Championship events for Open, Seniors, Women and Restricted categories
  • A new Country Butler event
  • 2 two-day ANC Swiss Pairs events
  • Many Congress events of one or two sessions
  • There will be two small courtesy buses to assist with transport to the venue, and to tourist sites for those not playing - information on the ANC website

The ANC website is the best source of information. The web address is:

2017 Yeh Bros Invitational Championships

Congratulations to the Australian team members Justin Mill, Peter Hollands, Andrew Peake and Peter Gill who will represent Australia at the 2017 Yeh Bros Invitational Championships to be held in Tokyo in July.

9th World University Bridge Championship

FISU (The International University Sports Federation) has confirmed the position of Bridge in the University World and thus University teams will be able to participate in the 9th World University Bridge Championship in Xuzhou, China, 25-28 October 2018.

Each NBO is invited to contact its own National University Sports Federation to discuss and define the future strategies concerning Bridge within Universities.

For any further information contact:

  • Simon Fellus, the WBF Secretary (
  • Geert Magerman
  • Gilad Ofir
  • National University Sports Federations can be found at:

june 2017

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