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Good Luck to All Our Teams!


Finals 2017
24 - 27 November
Tweed Heads, NSW

Chris Ingham,
David Matthews,
Deana Wilson,
Cynthia Belonogoff

Simon Brayshaw,
Matthew Raisin,
Chris Mulley,
Tim Munro,
Francesca McGrath,
Renee Cooper

Gerry Daly,
Viv Wood,
Nigel Dutton,
Marie-France Merven

Sheryl Coates,
Ann Shalders,
Trish Anderson,
Gerald Merven

Rez Karim,
Jessica Chew,
Phil Bapty,
Gwyneira Bramha

1st Class Bridge

From Chris Ingham

IstClassBridge (58K)

Peter Smith, Les Calcraft, Derek Pocock and Chris Ingham

The gadget in the middle of the table is Peter's Bridge+More which deals the hands using one pack and then when you replace the pack it will record the order of play (assuming you don't shuffle the cards).

It's linked to the iPad on the bottom left of the table, so we were playing hands from the 2015 Bermuda Bowl Seniors and comparing how we went against the world champs.

This is the future of bridge I reckon. If there is one at each table the whole room can be playing the same hand at the same time.

It is also much quicker than using boards and recording etc.

horizontal-line-clipart-2206 (8K)

Our Grand Dame of Bridge

(Focus Archive 2007)

BAWA Recognition of Outstanding Service Award 2003: Lii Soots.

LiiSoots (148K)

"This Award is given in recognition of more than three decades of supporting the bridge community in WA by guiding directors at all levels, running the state-wide Pennants competition, creating and maintaining the master point register for WA, and in particular for your considerable assistance to Clubs with directing, dealing boards, match pointing their competitions and helping them process their master points. Through your dedication you have done much to foster bridge in WA".

VALE Lii Soots

november 2017

Click HERE for the print version


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Linda Bedford-Brown (L)
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Beata Bieganski (R)
Production and Web Editor
(08) 9300 5460

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