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Seen at the Gold Coast Congress

Photos courtesy of Allison Stralow, Phil Power and Gold Coast Bulletin

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Congratulations to Viv Wood playing with Robert Krochmalik - 1st in the Sere-McMahon Match point Swiss Pairs

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WA Novice Teams Winners - Congratulations to Kerry Barns - (Nick Hullah) - Sylvia Bray - Bernard Yates

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Congratulations to Phil Tearne, Kathy Power, Phil Power and Val Biltoft - Finishing 32nd - the highest placing WA team - and to Phil Power and Kathy Power being the highest WA pair in the datum's finishing 50th.

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Well done also to Esther Saunders and Colin Saunders placing 2nd in the Weekend Match point Swiss Pairs 0-500

march 2019

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