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Honorary Life Membership for David Wheaton at Joondalup Bridge Club

From Dirk Lapere

At the AGM in June, the JBC members unanimously elected past-president David Wheaton to Honorary Life Membership.

The Joondalup Bridge Club as such was formed 7 years ago in 2014. However, prior to that in 2007, a bridge section was formed in The Northshore Country Club and in order to grow the numbers, David Wheaton gave his first beginner's lessons in Feb 2008 and took over the running of the section at Northshore in 2009.

The growth of the bridge section was such that the Northshore Country Club could no longer provide the space or the time slots and David organised the incorporation of the section into a new club (The Northern Shores Bridge Club) and moved the 95 members to Fleur Freame Pavilion in Padbury, the current home of Joondalup Bridge Club.

Serving as president for 11 years, David often doubled up as secretary, treasurer and "IT specialist". He worked tirelessly to train Club Directors, scorers and card Dealers. All the while, he was also the club's bridge teacher, director, scorer, and a card dealer himself. His passion and dedication turned an upstart Club into WA's 6th largest bridge club. A feat that was recognised by the ABF in February 2021 when it declared JBC the largest growth bridge club in all of Australia over the past 10 years. Almost 90% of our current full members have come through David's classes.

David retired as president in June 2020 but continues directing as well as teaching beginner and intermediate classes. On the day the AGM made him the Inaugural Life Member, David guided his GNOT team to overall victory, a fitting statement that he will be a presence to be reckoned with for a long time yet.

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Vice-President Noreen Byrne presents David Wheaton his Life Membership Certificate.

Saturday Bridge West Australian Newspaper

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BAWA President Nigel Dutton is writing a weekly column - it doesn't matter what level your game is this will be informative, educational and instructive - and at times tongue in cheek!

ABF Daily Bridge Column

Courtesy of Ron Klinger

Bridge Author of nearly 70 books, Columnist for the Sydney Morning Herald (six days a week) and The Sun-Herald for 17 years, Australian Emerald Grand Master, WBF International Master, competed in 24 World Championships and Asia Pacific Zonal Championships and Commonwealth Nations Teams.

July 20th is the deadline for inclusion in the August Focus.

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