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Good Luck WA

Australian National Bridge Championship - Hobart

T1 (342K)

Open Team

Trevor Fuller (NPC)
Paul Brayshaw
Chris Mulley
Jonathan Free
Mimi Packer
Deanna Wilson
Cynthia Belonogoff

Women's Team

Alison Stralow (NPC)
Viv Wood
Jane Reynolds
Shizue Futaesaku
Wendy Driscoll
Leone Fuller
Marnie Leybourne

T3 (70K)
T2 (270K)

Seniors Team

Chris Ingham (NPC)
Stella Steer
Jay Steer
Nigel Dutton
Marie-France Merven
David Schokman
Dave Munro

Youths Team

Robina McConnell (NPC)
Hayley Smeed
Ishraq Bari
Megan O'Reilly
Bec O'Reilly
Francesca McGrath
Renee Cooper

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Asia Cup, Goa - June 2018

The ABF congratulates the Australian Mixed Team of Matthew Thomson - Cathryn Herden and David Beauchamp - Jodi Tutty who won the Gold medal in the Asia Cup which has just concluded in Goa, India.

front2 (307K)

Australia also fared well in the Women's event with our team of Jane Reynolds - Viv Wood, Eva Caplan - Jenny Thompson and Karen Creet - Sheila Bird led by Non-Playing Captain Kim Morrison, finished third in the Women's Teams' competition.

In the pairs' events, Men's team members Sartaj Hans and Andy Hung placed second in the Men's Pairs event while Pauline Gumby and Warren Lazer were also second in the Mixed Pairs.

july 2018

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